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Our hibachi catering service is provided by Hibachi Flame Catering. Please click the button below to book an event on Hibachi Flame Catering.

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All course meals are served with steamed rice, hibachi vegetables, spring mix salad with ginger dressing and our signature sauces.

Prices are per person.

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(Must meet our minimum expense of $1,000 to submit the form.)

A chef cooks up to 30 people per event. If you have more than 30 people, we will have a second chef for you and an extra fee of $220 will be applied.

We can provide tables, chairs, linens and chair covers for $10/person.

Travel and set up fee is $250.

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(Minimum expense of $300 for a sushi platter).

Yakitori  Catering

Yakitori Menu: Click to View
Cost: $120 Per Person
Minimum expense: $1,000
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