Top 3 Catering Tips For Your Next Corporate Event

Heading a corporate event and finding the perfect catering food can be stressful. With many different aspects to consider, you may find yourself having trouble getting the event organized. Luckily, as a professional catering service, we understand our customers’ difficulties and have a few tips to help you overcome them. Here are our top 3 tips to ensure your corporate event goes smoothly.

corporate catering los angeles

corporate catering los angeles

1. Overestimate on The Head Count

When planning how many people will attend your corporate event, you should always overestimate the number of people there. You never want to have too little food for your guests, and you never know who will bring a plus one who wasn’t originally accounted for. It is always better to leave your guests full and satisfied rather than hungry and wishing there was more. Your corporate event is a great way to impress your superiors, coworkers, and employees, so make sure you get enough food for everyone.

2. Know Your Guests

Before catering your event, make sure you know enough about your guests’ dietary preferences. You may need to adjust your menu depending on whether they are vegan, vegetarian, or have certain allergies. When serving catered food, you should aim to be as inclusive as possible with your menu. Most catering services, such as Mr Fresh Sushi Catering, offer alternative menu options for people with all dietary preferences. That way, you can ensure all your guests have a great experience.

3. Get High-Quality Food

Make your corporate event even more exciting by offering food that actually tastes good. Most of the time, catered food is cold, boring, and unappetizing, but there are plenty of excellent catering companies that offer a unique experience with world-class food. For example, our sushi catering company, Mr Fresh Catering, offers a private sushi chef who serves affordable, omakase-style sushi. With a private chef, you can sit back and let us do the entertaining.


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