The Latest and Tastiest Sushi Trends: 7 Delectable Meals to Try

Discover the latest sushi trends, from sushi burritos to sustainable sushi. Enhance your event with Japanese catering from Mr. Fresh Catering.

Discover the latest sushi trends, from sushi burritos to sustainable sushi. Enhance your event with Japanese catering from Mr. Fresh Catering.

With dozens of different rolls to try, sushi is beloved around the world for its versatility. In recent years, people around the world have continued to revolutionize this delicious Japanese tradition, instead creating new and exciting ways to enjoy sushi and all of its usual components.


In this article, we’ll explore seven of the most popular sushi trends today that you can feature for your next catered event. From sushi burritos to fusion sushi, there’s plenty to consider when booking Japanese catering for your event this year. Let’s explore the first and arguably the most admired sushi trend: sushi burritos.

#1: Sushi Burritos

Why have sushi rolls when you can make your sushi into a burrito? Sushi burritos have everything that people love in traditional sushi rolls: rice, nori, vegetables, and fish. According to industry statistics, sushi burritos have become more regularly offered at restaurants, many offering vegan varieties for those who want a plant-based treat.


If you book sushi catering, a private sushi chef can make custom burritos for your guests, putting all of their favorites into one delicious, truly indulgent treat. With so many options and a convenient way to eat sushi, it’s no wonder why this trend has become so popular.

#2: Sushi Burgers

Next on the list of top sushi trends is sushi burgers, an alternative to the usual sushi roll that adds some pretty amazing flavor. The best way to make this delectable sushi variation is to use rice for the buns and then fill it with all of your favorites: tuna, salmon, or another fish of your choice, seaweed salad, avocado, and even spicy mayo.


The sushi burgers can be difficult to eat, as rice is not as sturdy as a traditional bun, but if you’re feeling creative, this is an exceptional option to consider for your Japanese catering this year.

#3: Sushi Sandwiches

Similar to the sushi burger, sushi sandwiches are also on the rise as a popular alternative to the beloved sushi roll. Imagine your sushi roll is not cylindrical but cut into larger triangle pieces that offer your guests a few bites. You can even make them like traditional sandwiches and wrap your sushi around a sturdy piece of nori.


The best way to make sushi sandwiches is to put down a layer of rice over the top of the nori, then layer it with all of your desired vegetables and fish. You can also create a dipping sauce, or if you cater in, ask your private sushi chef to make a sauce that pairs perfectly with your sushi sandwiches.

#4: Sushi Doughnuts

While it may sound like an odd combination, sushi doughnuts offer guests plenty of options to enjoy traditional sushi flavors. With the base layer being rice, you can top your rice doughnut with practically anything you desire: roe, fish, avocado, thin-sliced vegetables, and more. This trend is one of the most eccentric, but it might be worth a try if you want to spice up your traditional Japanese catering menu.


To truly make the right impression on your guests, have your private sushi chef make an array of different sushi doughnut variations. They might not have the sweet taste of a traditional doughnut, but they will still wow your party guests!

#5: Poke Bowls

Poke bowls are not a new invention but a trend in the sushi world that is beginning to become more widespread once again. Much like the advent of the burrito bowl, a poke bowl is just a deconstructed sushi roll. It’s a blend of rice, fish cubed into small pieces, and different veggies. Some also like to put roe and avocado on top for a little bit of extra flavor.


If you are unsure about sushi burritos, the poke bowl is a safe alternative that any private sushi chef would be happy to create for you. Better yet, you can even work with a Japanese catering company to have them create a poke buffet so that your guests can create any poke bowl they wish.

#6: Fusion Sushi

While fusion sushi has always existed, there has been a greater push to create new and exotic sushi rolls that blend some of the world’s most delicious cuisines together. From Mexican to Korean sushi, there’s no shortage of options for your fusion sushi rolls.


You can even work with a private sushi chef to create some sushi rolls that you feel would best fit your party. No matter if you create a classic twist on an old favorite or inspire a completely new innovative roll, it’s bound to be absolutely delicious!

#7: Sustainable Sushi

With so many people aware of the importance of protecting the environment, people are becoming more invested in where they source their sushi from. You can offer sustainably caught sushi, whether you create standard rolls or have your private sushi chef on location to create any sushi roll your guests desire.


You may also want to consider some vegan options as well, which are a great choice for those who want to be sustainable but also consider more environmentally friendly ways to indulge in sushi rolls.

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