Sushi Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts for Enjoying Your Sushi Catering Experience



Sushi catering is so much more than just the delectable flavors. It’s also about understanding and appreciating sushi’s history and the etiquette associated with this culinary delight. If you’re a newbie to the world of sushi and looking to book sushi catering, this blog will dive into the dos and don’ts of sushi etiquette so that you look like an expert at your next event! Without further ado, let’s get into the first subject of sushi etiquette: chopsticks.


How to Use Your Chopsticks Like a Pro


Chopsticks are commonly used to eat sushi and many Asian dishes that you may cater in for your event. If you have little experience with chopsticks, don’t worry. They are relatively easy to use. Here are a few tips to ensure that you use your chopsticks properly:


  • Hold the Ends: Hold them towards the end to maintain control when picking up sushi rolls and maneuvering your food on your plate. Holding them towards the middle gives you less movement when enjoying savory sushi.
  • Avoid Pointing Them at Others: One thing you should avoid is pointing your chopsticks directly at others. Just like pointing at others in some cultures is considered poor etiquette, it is considered poor etiquette to point your chopsticks directly at anyone.
  • Don’t Stick Them Upright: If you are finished with your sushi rolls, do not leave your chopsticks sticking upright, whether in a bowl of rice or an empty bowl. This resembles a funeral ritual in Japanese, so avoiding this at your event is best!
  • Don’t Rub the Chopsticks Together: If you have a pair of wooden chopsticks that you are using, you may be tempted to rub the chopsticks together. However, it is considered rude and a sign that you believe the utensils are poor quality. You can ask your sushi catering company for a replacement if you feel that your chopsticks may have splinters.


The Appropriate Way to Enjoy Sushi’s Condiments


Just as you would enjoy hot dogs with condiments like ketchup and mustard, sushi also has its own array of condiments. From soy sauce to ginger, these are excellent ways to add flavor or cleanse your palate between bites.


How to Use Soy Sauce


Soy sauce should be used in a small dish and only to dip the fish side of the sushi, not the rice. While you may enjoy a bit of soy sauce on your sushi, it’s best not to drown your sushi in it, as it could overpower the flavors. To some, using too much soy sauce may be considered wasteful.


It is also recommended that you avoid drizzling your soy sauce across your sushi rolls. While adding your artistic flare when plating your sushi may be tempting, the soy sauce can moisten your sushi roll, potentially tainting the delicate balance of flavors your private sushi chef for your sushi catering company attempted to create for you.


The Appropriate Use of Ginger


As for the ginger, think of this as a palate cleanser. If you are eating different sushi rolls, try a piece of sliced ginger in between. Don’t go too wild on the ginger—it is only meant to be used sparingly! With an appropriate balance, your ginger can refresh your taste buds and prepare you for another fantastic bite of sushi.


Where Wasabi Works Best


If you enjoy a bit of a kick with your sushi, add wasabi to your sushi condiments. However, refrain from mixing wasabi directly into your soy sauce. This could disrespect the private sushi chef you hired for your sushi catering. Their job is to balance the flavors in each piece, so you should leave your wasabi and soy sauce separate when you enjoy this alongside your sushi rolls.


How to Eat Your Sushi


After you have ordered your favorite rolls from your private sushi chef, it’s time to enjoy your sushi! However, did you know there’s even etiquette for how to eat your sushi and how many bites? Eating your sushi in one bite is appropriate etiquette, no matter what kind of sushi you have ordered from the sushi bar.


As you may expect, speaking with a full mouth of food is not proper etiquette. No matter how delicious your sushi rolls are, eating with a full mouth is considered rude in any country. Plus, if you are talking while chewing, you may distract yourself from the fantastic flavors of the perfect sushi roll. With a proper private sushi chef and sushi catering company, every bite is meant to be savored and enjoyed!

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