Six Amazing Catering Trends to Try in 2024 at Your Next Event

Six Amazing Catering Trends to Try in 2024 at Your Next Event

Six Amazing Catering Trends to Try in 2024 at Your Next Event

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2024, you likely are planning your catering for your upcoming events. With so many guests and taste buds to satisfy, it can be challenging to find the perfect catering. If you’re struggling and want to leverage the latest trends, you’ve come to the right place!


In this blog, we’ll explore the top six trends for 2024 catering, ensuring you have all the information to entertain your guests, satiate their taste buds, and leave them impressed with your event.


Plant-Based Delicacies and Dishes


In 2024, plant-based foods will continue to be the dominant trend people seek, whether for catering or their meals at home! Envision items like veggie burgers, vegetable meatloaf, and even sushi catering that offers plant-based alternatives. No matter what you’re itching to serve at your next event, if you provide a plant-based option, you will capture the attention of your guests and ensure that they are satisfied with your offerings.


Interactive Food Stations for Guests


Whoever said catering had to be served by the private sushi or hibachi chefs? One of the top trends this year is the inclusion of interactive food stations. There’s genuinely no cuisine better primed for this than hibachi catering, where you can have a private hibachi chef cook and interact with your guests. However, you can also have other options, like a DIY taco bar, or even allow your guests to make their own sushi or dessert combinations.


Interactive food stations can be an excellent way to keep your guests entertained while also allowing them to personalize their meals while they attend your event. In 2024, this is one trend that you can capitalize on to earn a stellar reputation as an event planner and host!


Mouthwatering Soups from Around the World


Soups are one of the hottest trends for 2024, but we’re talking about more than just your standard chicken noodle soup or tomato soup. For your event, you can book catering that offers a wide array of global delicacies, including ramen, borscht, pho, and more. No matter where you source your recipes, offering a comforting soup at your event will entertain and comfort your guests, leaving them with a pleasant memory of their time.


If you’re looking for an adventurous take on this 2024 trend, why not try exotic soups? Many catering companies and people worldwide are increasingly interested in Cambodian, Singaporean, and Indonesian food, bringing unique flavors to events and their homes. With the right caterer, you can enjoy the flavors of Southeast Asia while also getting ahead of others with your trending choice.


Integrating Technology into Catering


Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become a trending issue worldwide and in several industries, but it has even become a topic of discussion in catering and food. AI may not be as visible at your event. Still, many of the caterers you work with might use AI to limit their food waste, optimize their production, or even create a tighter, more sustainable supply chain for their business.


The inclusion of artificial intelligence likely won’t be enjoyed by your guests unless you find a catering company that uses robots to deliver and serve their food! Regardless, this new technology is something to consider as you book your catering and continue to find companies that may use this tool in their operations.


Elevated Gourmet Comfort Food


Most everyone loves a good, warm, comforting bowl of macaroni and cheese, but what if you elevated the quality and the taste? You can infuse your favorite comfort foods with flavors like truffle or even deconstruct dishes to add a new spin on highly desirable dishes, like chicken pot pie. Gourmet comfort food has a dual purpose: wowing your guests while comforting them with flavors they know and love—plus an extra dash of flavor that will only add to the fun.

Delicious Fusion Meals and Treats


Fusion cuisine remains a hot item on menus, so it is worth considering for 2024. Many catering companies and restaurants have begun to blend cuisines like Asian and Latin American flavors. Picture sushi with a spicy twist, which could be a fun way to satiate your guests at your next big event!


You can also hire caterers that blend Japanese and American styles of cooking. For example, you could book a private sushi chef who offers Americanized sushi rolls, or you can even book a private yakitori chef for yakitori catering that distinctly fuses Latin American spices with the flavors of Japanese cuisine. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong if you find the perfect combination that is comforting, delicious, unique, and impressive—just like your event.


Hire Us for Your Next Big Event


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Yakitori, hibachi, and sushi catering are all fantastic ideas for your next big catered event. If you’re looking for an impressive, healthy, and simple option to excite your corporate or wedding guests, why not book hibachi catering or even a private hibachi chef for your next big event? For your most important events this year, look no further than Mr. Fresh Catering: the best in the sushi and hibachi catering business.


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