Seven Mouthwatering Yakitori Dishes for Your Next Event

Discover mouthwatering yakitori dishes like Negima, Ton Negima, and Reba. Book Japanese catering with Mr. Fresh Catering for your event!

Discover mouthwatering yakitori dishes like Negima, Ton Negima, and Reba. Book Japanese catering with Mr. Fresh Catering for your event!

From sushi to ramen, Japanese food is highly sought-after across the world. One of the most delicious and underrated Japanese foods is yakitori, which translates to “grilled chicken.” Contrary to its name, there’s so much more to yakitori than just grilled chicken!


In this article, we’ll explore seven mouthwatering dishes that’ll make you want to book yakitori catering for your next big event. Without further ado, let’s get into the first one: Negima.

1. Negima

Made with delicious chunks of chicken and green onion, Negima is known as a staple to any yakitori restaurant or Japanese catering menu. These small skewers offer guests a classic yakitori taste that pairs well with rice or other grilled variations of yakitori.


You can also choose to include leeks instead of scallions. If this is on your menu for your upcoming event, you can expect your private yakitori chef to grill and baste the dish with a sweet but salty sauce, ensuring that every guest is satisfied with the flavors offered in every bite.

2. Ton Negima

Similar to Negime, Ton Negima swaps chicken for grilled pork belly to make a delectable combination of pork and green onions. Grilled pork belly is known for its distinct, tender flavor and its high-fat content.


Basted and grilled in the same exceptional sweet but salty sauce, Ton Negima is the perfect choice to satisfy those at your event who might want a little variety but a true taste of Japanese cuisine. Its high-fat content ensures that these skewers are moist, tender, and bursting with flavor, no matter what seasoning or spices you use.

3. Reba

Made with chicken liver, this unique yakitori dish is known for its rich, savory flavor and its ability to absorb the flavors of your chosen sauces. While chicken liver might not be your first thought for a delicious meal to share with your guests, it truly does provide the authentic Japanese yakitori experience.


Reba is also incredibly nutritious and provides health benefits for your guests, ensuring that you provide a well-rounded menu. With a proper private yakitori chef, you’ll see just why so many people enjoy this nutritious variation on the classic yakitori.

4. Tsukune

If you prefer something slightly different from the norm, why not try Tsukune? This Japanese yakitori dish is made from ground chicken that is seasoned with a blend of soy sauce and other spices. The mixture, formed into balls, is then placed into skewers and grilled traditionally, often served with other types of skewers that entail grilled vegetables or other types of meat.


This is a great choice if you’re looking to add variety to your yakitori catering menu. You can even ask your private yakitori chef to pair the ground chicken with other vegetables on the skewer to truly customize your menu for your event’s guests.

5. Momo

Momo, another delectable chicken skewer option, is made with chicken thigh meat that is skewered and grilled. This is a simple, delicious yakitori that is often served around the world at various festivals and outdoor events. It can also be a great choice for your yakitori catering menu!


You can ask your private yakitori chef to make Momo, pairing it with an array of grilled vegetables, fresh rice, and more. With this simple dish, you can satisfy many of your guests or even offer this dish as an appetizer for more exciting hibachi displays and performances later on.

6. Teppō

Teppō is another chicken yakitori dish that is known as a popular snack or appetizer due to its crunchy texture. Made with chicken cartilage, this delicacy will wow your guests and offer them that additional bit of flavor ahead of the main course.


Unlike other parts of the chicken, the cartilage tends to be crispy when grilled with only a slight chewy texture, allowing for great flavor absorption, too! Consider pairing this with grilled vegetables or another appetizer of your choice, and you have the makings of an exceptional catering menu.

7. King Trumpet Yakitori

You definitely can’t plan a catering menu without options for your vegetarian and vegan guests. King Trumpet Yakitori is a great option to include on your catering menu because of its ability to absorb flavor. Made with a lightly sweetened soy sauce and sake marinade, you can cook the mushrooms until they are perfectly grilled, ensuring that your guests have a chewy, meaty skewer that is meat-free but exquisite. With the right private yakitori chef, you can plan the perfect seasoning to really bring out the flavor of this dish!

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