How to Book the Best Catering Company for Your Event: Five Tips to Ensure Success



No matter what you’re planning for this year, your event deserves the very best. From the event venue to the food that your guests will indulge in, you need to deliver an exceptional experience for it to be remembered. As you may have expected, one of the most essential parts of this is the food. With the right catering company, your event can go from awesome to exceptional.


In this guide, we’ll explore tips on how to book the best catering company for your event, from exploring how to decide what catering you need to the details of catering contracts. Whether you are seeking a classic catering experience or possibly even the luxury of your private sushi chef, these tips will help you find the ultimate choice for your next big event in 2024.


#1: Define What Your Event Needs


The first place that every event planner or organizer needs to start is what your event requires. Are you hosting a wedding, a business meeting, or perhaps even a large family reunion with guests from across the country? What event theme would you like for you and your guests?


Before you consider catering options, have an idea of the size of your event, your theme, and even the potential locations you can choose from to accommodate those attending. Another essential tip we recommend is considering the dietary restrictions you may have to work with. Are any individuals attending who might be vegan, gluten-free, or paleo? This can inform what you can select for catering, among other things, including your budget!


#2: Conduct Research and Ask for Referrals


After you understand more about what you’re looking for, you should conduct research. In most cases, it might be as simple as searching online for a few catering companies in your local area, but we recommend also asking your family and friends. Asking those around you who have booked their own catering companies can help determine what might be best for your event.


If you need to, we also recommend searching online for reviews. Finding reviews of any potential catering companies you want to work with is the best way to get a general idea of the experience you can expect. For instance, if you’re interested in a sushi catering company and see that they have had generally favorable reviews, you may consider contacting them for your next big event.


Ensure your catering company has the appropriate credentials, licensing, and more. With these criteria and insurance coverage, you can trust that the caterers will deliver an exceptional menu for your guests.


#3: Consider Your Menu and Desired Cuisine


The most fun part of event planning is selecting the type of catering you’d like to pair with your event theme. There are so many options, but we recommend finding something that will work well with the other added components of your gala or party. For example, you likely wouldn’t want to book a luxury exotic catering company for a children’s birthday party.


However, if you want an interactive experience for a wedding party and would like more flexibility, offering options like hibachi catering or buffet-style catering could be the perfect choice. No matter what you choose, we highly recommend you go with what would be best for your event and guests.


#4: Find Catering Companies That Offer Tastings and Consultations


More so than finding a catering company with a strong reputation and great reviews, we recommend finding companies that offer tastings and consultations. After all, how else will you know that your catering company is the best choice for your event? When you contact companies you want to work with, be sure to ask if they offer opportunities to test dishes before booking them for your event.


If you are seeking a fusion catering company, see if you can try some of their dishes or sample part of their menu. For those looking for more fun and entertainment, you may get a sample of a private hibachi chef cooking to see what your guests could experience. If catering companies offer this, it is best to sample the experience yourself and ensure you can tailor the menu to your guests’ needs.


#5: Don’t Forget About the Contracts and Pricing


Last but certainly not least, do not forget the contracts and pricing. As with any part of event planning, staying within budget is key. Even if you find the perfect catering company, if they are outside of your budget, it might not be best to opt for their services. The right catering company will be within your budget and offer exceptional value.


Before you sign on the dotted line for your chosen catering company, read through every aspect of your contract. You can always ask questions about cancellation protocols, their ingredients, and any additional fees you may see added to the contract. Once you understand and discuss every part of the contract, it’s time to sign and prepare for a delectable experience at your event!


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