7 Summer Catering Ideas to Impress Your Guests This Year



Summer is here, so it’s time to think about your summer events! Whether you’re hosting an al fresco BBQ or a wedding in your backyard, there are many options available for your summer catering. In the summer heat, you’ll want to take advantage of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and dishes which will undoubtedly wow your guests!


If you are stuck on ideas for what to book for your summer catering, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a convenient list of the seven best ideas for your summer catering. Here are some ideas for simple yet impressive summer catering menus to impress your guests.


Grazing Tables


Grazing tables are a great way to offer a variety of food, so your guests can choose what they want and when. With this catering option, you can provide small bites like sliders, salads, and other dishes. With your caterer, you can hand-select from any small plates you know your guests will adore.


Best of all, grazing tables are also an excellent way for people to mingle with others at the event who may not know each other yet. This style of catering can encourage people to travel around the party to socialize, try new food, and take in all the event has to offer. Ultimately, this catering option can provide your event with an unforgettable experience.


Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Salads


Summer is a great time for seasonal fruit and vegetable salads. They are light, refreshing and can be served as a side dish or your main course. These are perfect if you want to take advantage of the freshest seasonal produce available. Additionally, salads are also easy to prepare and maintain throughout your event.


If you’re serving fruit and vegetable salads as a side dish or appetizer, try using individual bowls so each person gets their own portion. However, if you want something more impressive, try arranging all of your fruit and veggie options on one large platter—this will allow everyone to enjoy the delicious selections of the season!


Made-to-Order Sushi


Sushi is one of the most popular food choices for catering, especially in the summer. It can be customized to fit any event and budget and is easy to make. Sushi is also healthy, which makes it an excellent option for catering. If you book professional, private sushi chefs for your catering, you can take advantage of a private sushi chef who can make any sushi roll your guests desire.


Sushi-making can also be a lot of fun for your guests! If you’re planning on making sushi at your event, consider offering them the chance to get their hands dirty by rolling some sushi rolls themselves. This can be a fun activity—and it will make your event the talk of the season! If you are interested in sushi catering, Los Angeles area caterer Mr. Fresh Catering is a great choice for your summer event this year.


Fresh Seafood Dishes


Seafood is an excellent choice for catering! With summer, there are various fish and shellfish to choose from that can be sourced fresh by your chosen caterer for your event. It can be prepared in many different ways, and it’s healthy, nutritious! Whether you select Japanese catering for your seafood dishes or another cuisine, you simply can’t go wrong with fresh fish.


While working with your caterer, you can comprise a meal that brings out the best of this season’s catch for your guests. Whether you book caterers to create fresh lobster rolls, serve crab legs, or even fresh Atlantic salmon, you will surely impress your guests with these summer options.


Customizable Grain Bowls


Grain bowls are a great option for catering, whether you’re hosting an office lunch or a casual backyard barbecue. They’re healthy, customizable, and can be served anytime—and they’re easy to make! You can work with a caterer to create bowls that satisfy your customers.


Typically, you want to ensure you have rice or quinoa as your base for a proper grain bowl. From there, you can provide fresh grilled vegetables, flame-grilled chicken or steak, or even shrimp, and then toppings like cayenne pepper and hot sauce for an extra kick! If you set this up as a made-to-order or buffet station, your guests can customize their dishes to their heart’s content.


Taco Bar


One of the catering options that people always love during the summer is a taco bar. Whether your catering team handles the plating and creation of the tacos, or you allow your guests to exercise their creativity, taco bars are a great way to add some spice to your event and to really make your guests happy.


With a taco bar, you can work with your caterer to ensure you have all the ingredients you need: taco shells, fresh guacamole, salsa, and beans. Then, if desired, you can create a buffet table to allow your guests to make their custom tacos throughout your event. Some people have even booked taco food trucks for their party or event, so you have plenty of options for this summer catering choice!


Fruit and Dessert Buffet


Why not add something sweet and seasonal to your summer event this year? One catering option that will definitely be a favorite this season is a fruit and dessert bar, where guests can eat a selection of seasonal, fresh fruit and even pair their favorite berries with sweet, handmade desserts from your catering company.


Your fruit and dessert buffet can entail everything from fresh-cut watermelon to delectable fudge and cake pops your guests will want the recipe to. When working with a caterer, you can hand-select the items you’d like to ensure your guests will enjoy what you have at your event.


Hire Us for Your Next Big Event


For your summer catering, you need something satisfying and enjoyable for your guests on your special day. Yakitori, hibachi, and sushi catering are all fantastic ideas for your next big event. If you’re looking for an impressive, healthy, and simple option to excite your corporate or wedding guests, why not book Japanese catering for your next big event?


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