7 Innovative Ideas to Consider for Your Wedding Catering This Year

7 Innovative Ideas to Consider for Your Wedding Catering This Year

7 Innovative Ideas to Consider for Your Wedding Catering This Year

Today, wedding catering has become an opportunity to make your wedding stand out from the rest. However, with so many options and cuisines, it can be hard to know where to start. From champagne towers to grazing boards, there are plenty of options for you to consider and several ways to satiate your guests. Luckily, we have compiled a list of seven great ideas that are bound to impress them. So let’s get into it!



Aperitifs are a great way to set the mood for your wedding. They’re served before dinner and can be anything from a simple glass of champagne to a sophisticated mix of wine, spirits, herbs, and spices. Of course, your aperitifs should be low-alcoholic, as they are meant to be an opener for your guests before the main meal!


However, you can also serve your guests their aperitifs during their meals, or even after with dessert. You can create a specialty drink or choose a classic like a kir royal, which is white wine mixed with black currant syrup. Other great options include the classic old-fashioned, bourbon or rye whiskey mixed with a sugar cube soaked with bitters, and negronis, which is gin mixed with Campari.


Non-Alcoholic Beverage Station


A refreshment station is a must at any wedding. Still, you can take it to the next level by offering a variety of beverages, even for those who desire non-alcoholic options. This is a great opportunity to provide specialty sodas, lemonades, and any other drink you desire!


If you are having a summer wedding, you can create some specialty or custom cold drinks. This could include sodas infused with lemonade and mint, cucumber water, or even delicious juice blends for your guests. You could even make this a DIY beverage station where individuals create refreshing drinks to sip on throughout the wedding, or even order a drink of their choice from your catering company.


Food Trucks


Food trucks are an innovative way to save money and create a memorable experience. Food trucks can even be booked for weddings, which offers you a lot of flexibility in what you can offer your guests. The best part of hiring a food truck is that it will provide several options and often reduce the cost of your catering.


Some of the most popular food truck options include Mexican, Greek, or even Asian cuisine. So, if you are looking to save some money on your catering, this might be the best way to go, and it could offer the best functionality for your guests and their cravings!


Grazing Boards


Charcuterie is all the rage right now, so consider creating grazing boards you and your guests can enjoy. Whether they are the appetizer or the main course at your wedding, these can offer a more casual setting for your special day. If you’re looking to create an informal atmosphere at your wedding and want guests to feel like they’re eating at home, grazing boards are a great choice.


They allow for easy access and quick bites throughout the night, which means that no one has to wait long before getting their next bite! This also allows people to feel relaxed during their mealtime experience, allowing them more time with each other than just during dinner or lunch (which may be limited).


Sushi Made Fresh by a Private Sushi Chef


A private sushi chef can be the perfect addition to your wedding or special event. Your guests will love the unique experience of watching their meal being prepared right in front of them, and they’ll appreciate being able to customize their orders based on what they like or don’t like.


Your private sushi chef will work with you to plan your menu, create a budget, and even offer suggestions for decorations or other sushi catering elements that will help make your event memorable. If you are interested in sushi catering, Los Angeles area caterer Mr. Fresh Catering can support your desire for a fresh, innovative wedding this year.


Champagne Towers


Champagne towers are a great way to elevate your wedding’s cocktail hour, but they’re also rather difficult to pull off. So to ensure you don’t end up with a messy disaster on your hands, here are some tips:


  • Use high-quality champagne in your tower. Cheap bubbly doesn’t have enough flavor and can spoil more quickly than pricier options.
  • Choose glasses of varying shapes and sizes—this will help create an eye-catching display that looks like it took hours of preparation when it only took 30 minutes!
  • Use lots of ice cubes; they’ll keep the drinks cold longer while adding another layer of visual interest (and making them look bigger). You can even put a few fruit slices in each glass for added coloration effect!


Bite-Sized Comfort Food


Bite-sized portions are the most popular way to serve food at weddings. It’s easier for guests to eat and talk and for your kitchen staff to handle. If you plan on having a buffet-style reception, consider bite-sized versions of your favorite comfort foods. For example, try mini corn dogs or burgers instead of regular-sized ones; they’ll be easier for everyone involved!


Hire Us for Your Next Big Event


When it comes to your wedding catering, you need something satisfying and enjoyable for your guests to enjoy on your special day. Yakitori, hibachi, and sushi catering are all fantastic ideas for your next big event. If you’re looking for an impressive, healthy, and simple option to excite your corporate or wedding guests, why not book Japanese catering for your next big event?


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