5 Perfect Sake Pairings for Your Yakitori Dishes



As a traditional Japanese dish, yakitori is beloved around the world and perfect for cozy nights at home or large events where catering is required. However, to truly enjoy yakitori like the Japanese do, you have to know how to pair this delicious meal with sake. With so many types of sake to choose from, it can be hard to discover the right match for your favorite yakitori catering dishes. Fortunately, we have found five perfect pairings for you to try with your next yakitori meal.


In this blog, we’ll explore five ideal yakitori and sake pairings that will elevate your yakitori catering experience. We’ll discuss what makes these pairings so exceptional and what flavors you can expect from each one, ensuring that you pick the best selection for your next big event. Let’s begin with the first one: Junmai Sake and chicken thigh skewers, or Momo.

#1: Junmai Sake and Momo

If you’ve booked yakitori catering, then you’ll definitely want to try Momo—chicken thigh skewers—and Junmai sake. Chicken thigh meat is known for its delicious, simple flavors, and it is a staple on many private yakitori chefs’ menus. Junmai sake means “pure rice” and is brewed just as simply as this yakitori dish is: with only rice, water, and yeast.


It’s an easy-to-drink sake with a smooth flavor but still a slightly acidic taste. A little can go a long way, but the flavors of this type of sake make it perfect to pair with a dish as flavorful and classic as Momo in the yakitori catering menu.

#2: Nigori Sake and Negima

Unlike Junmai sake, Nigori sake has a different flavor and appearance. This cloudy white sake has small bits of rice and is known for its smooth and creamy flavor. Such a stark contrast from Junami sake is highly desirable for many, especially in Western nations, but it is also perfect for pairing with other variations of yakitori.


If you’re indulging in Negima, a common staple known for its sweet but salty seasoning and flavor, then you’ve got to try the Nigori sake. The pairing of the sweet sake with your sweet-and-salty yakitori could be your new favorite combination.

#3: Ginjo Sake and King Trumpet Yakitori

If you’re in the mood for a floral, smooth, clean sake, Ginjo sake should be on your list of drinks to try. With some fruity notes, many people love this sake because it cleanses their palates between bites and revitalizes their taste buds. Ginjo is a premium sake made with special yeast and fermentation methods, ensuring that it’s easy to drink—especially when chilled—and exceptionally delicious.


To enjoy a lighter fare of yakitori catering, ask your private yakitori chef to make some vegetable yakitori, including King Trumpet mushroom yakitori. You’ll see why so many people love pairing this yakitori dish and Ginjo sake, as it is the perfect light meal with noticeable and sought-after flavors.

#4: Honjozo Sake and Teppō

For those who want to enjoy their sake either warm or chilled, Honjozo should be on your list of sakes to try with your yakitori. It’s well known for its light, smooth taste and for having a slight amount of distilled brewer alcohol to ensure that the flavor and aroma are smooth and enjoyable. Many people love to drink this type of sake with plenty of food pairings, but also with chicken skin or chicken cartilage skewers.


Teppō is known for its crunchy texture and salty taste, but it also pairs well with other flavors, including Honjozo sake. You can even add some grilled vegetables to enjoy a light, smooth taste and some diverse flavors of yakitori.

#5: Daiginjo Sake and Tsukune

Last—but certainly not least—Daiginjo sake and Tsukune are a match made in heaven. Many have said that Daiginjo is “the pinnacle of brewer’s art” because of its complex taste and the precise methods used to make this delicious drink. With such a refined taste, yakitori and its simplicity make for the perfect pairing for your next meal. Tsukune, specifically, is a great choice to truly bring out the best of this sake.


Tsukune, or chicken meatballs, are a great accompaniment to Daiginjo sake because of its seasonings, complete with soy sauce and other spices. You can have the chicken meatballs on their own or add vegetables to the skewers for more diversity of flavor. No matter what you do, this will taste delectable with a refined sake like Daiginjo, giving you a truly memorable yakitori catering experience.

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