5 Must-Try Japanese Dishes for Your Next Catered Event



Sushi is undoubtedly one of the most famous Japanese catering dishes today, but there are many others to try! From Takoyaki to hibachi, there’s plenty to choose from and several options to spice up your next big catered event.


In this blog, we will discuss the five must-try Japanese dishes for your summer catered event. If you are looking for unique, delicious catering options, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s discuss the first dish that many people in America adore: sushi.


#1: Sushi Catering


As one of the most common Japanese dishes, sushi is a popular favorite worldwide. It is one of the most popular dishes in America due to its incredible versatility and diversity. Whether you are vegan or love some sashimi, sushi has something for everyone to enjoy all year round!


Sushi can be served in numerous ways. There’s nigiri, which is raw fish served over top of rice. Maki rolls are also a delicious choice for your sushi catering, as these are seaweed-wrapped sushi rolls. You can even allow your guests to enjoy the art of making their own sushi rolls!


Whatever you choose, your catering company will come prepared—and maybe even with a private sushi chef for your guests to truly enjoy a private culinary experience that will make for a once-in-a-lifetime memory.


#2: Hibachi Catering


If sushi and raw fish likely will not attract your guests, then you could entice your guests with hibachi catering. This style of Japanese catering originated in Japan and entailed cooking the food in an open-topped pan. Hibachi catering is prepared and cooked in front of your guests, so you will not only be booking delicious food but entertaining them, too!


Hibachi can be served as the main course or as an appetizer, given that this dish has so much versatility. Guests can order items they prefer, making hibachi the perfect buffet-style option for guests to participate in at your event. Some have even paired their private hibachi chef with other Japanese catering options, including tempura, sushi and sashimi, and soba or udon noodles prepared fresh for your event participants.


#3: Takoyaki


Takoyaki are delicious options for an appetizer at your event! These bite-sized balls of batter typically include diced or whole pieces of octopus, tempura scraps, green onions, and pickled ginger. These are savory but served with a sweet or spicy sauce on the side, perfect for any of your guests and their preferences.


Takoyaki remains one of the most famous street foods in Japan! It’s fluffy but chewy and has a delectable taste. If you want Japanese catering for your event, this appetizer would be perfect to include, so be sure to talk to your catering company to ensure that they can provide this for your summer event.


#4: Yakitori Catering


Another one of the most famous Japanese catering options is yakitori, which is Japanese skewered chicken. These skewers are cooked over an open flame and seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices before being served to your distinguished guests. This makes for the perfect appetizer to start off your event on a delicious note!


You don’t have to have chicken skewers, either. You can also have yakitori versions made with beef, vegetables, or seafood like squid or shrimp. No matter what your event requires or what your guests prefer, you can work with a Japanese catering company to select various options for your event.


#5: Ramen


As one of the most famous Japanese dishes worldwide, why not book caterers to provide ramen at your event? This comforting and customizable dish remains popular because of the various ways that it can be made. You can choose your broth, your toppings, and even your protein and your noodles. Whether you like chicken, pork, or even vegetable ramen, it’s up to you!


With a Japanese catering company, you can hire private chefs to help prepare individual bowls of ramen. If you would like as well, you can allow your guests to use a buffet to create their own ramen dishes. The possibilities are endless, and the comfort you provide your guests will make your event the talk of the town!


BONUS: Matcha


Matcha is another trendy drink that originates in Japan. This finely ground powder is specially grown and processed from green tea leaves. As part of the renowned tea culture in Japan for centuries, this earthy flavor is the perfect palate cleanser after a meal full of delicious and exotic flavors.


If hiring Japanese catering, you should definitely consider requesting matcha desserts or a tea service for your event. Your matcha desserts can be in the form of delicious, semi-sweet ice cream or cakes. You may want to keep it simple and offer your guests matcha lattes at your event. No matter what you prefer, this is the perfect drink or dessert flavor to satisfy your guests after an array of delicious Japanese catering all event long.


Hire Us for Your Next Big Event


Japanese catering can be a great addition to your event. If you book this catering style, you can bring the class you desire for your event! Whether you want a private sushi chef or to book a mix of hibachi catering or yakitori catering, you can’t go wrong with Japanese catering this year for your major events.


Yakitori, hibachi, and sushi catering are all fantastic ideas for your next big catered event. If you’re looking for an impressive, healthy, and simple option to excite your corporate or wedding guests, why not book sushi catering and your private sushi chef for your next big event? For your most important events this year, look no further than Mr. Fresh Catering: the best in the sushi catering business.


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